Our culturally distinct heritage hotel in Jaipur showcases a blend of unmatched historical influences, a world of timeless design, pioneering craftsmanship, world-class accommodation, and lip-smacking food. Firmly rooted in its rich cultural heritage and originality, Grand Uniara embraces modern amenities with ease to make your sojourn with us a cherishable memory.

The Royal State of


Uniara’s Rao Rajas are the successors of Amber’s Udai Karan, the son of Bir Singh, who was the eldest son of Udai Karan – the Maharaja of Amber. Uniara’s Rao Raja is an heir of Rao Das Ji, Narooji’s eldest son. Formerly, the Chiefship was a small independent state under the Mughal Dynasty.

It was after 1727 that it was accepted into Jaipur’s administrative setup, in the review for 1865-66 & 1866-67, and paid tribute to the darbar in lieu of protection. However, the states of Khetri, Sikar, and Uniara were actually kept out of the state’s jurisdiction.

In those days of the erstwhile era, these states had their own army, police, and judicial courts. Guests in those days were treated with special care and love. Continuing the tradition of hospitality, Rao Raja Saheb of the present-day has opened the palace’s doors to visitors from far and wide.

Since Uniara sits pretty in the heart of the city, its favourable location makes it a convenient place to stay for visitors planning to explore the rich history and cultural past of the surrounding monuments or pick a few memorabilia while visiting the local markets.

Uniara has become synonymous with world-class personalised care and comfort and takes pride in its unmatched ambience of gracious living. When you come here, you will be welcomed with a genuine smile and open arms that make you feel you truly belong.

Book your stay at the Grand Uniara to experience the true hospitality and unmatched regality of Uniara’s people.

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