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Welcome to Grand Uniara

Royal Super Deluxe

Royal Family Suite

Royal Queen Suite

This picturesque rooftop lounge could be the perfect place to spend a lovely evening where you enjoy the spectacular view of the Moti Dungri temple, with Grand Uniara’s spectacular services for company.

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This pure vegetarian restaurant will delight your palate and senses with its extensive array of delicious dishes amidst a setting that blends history and tradition with élan.

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If you have a penchant for classic global cuisine, Arogo is sure to delight your taste buds with its savoury delicacies.

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This is our café that blends the palatial grandiose of an erstwhile era with a young, feisty, modern vibe.

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If you are looking for a plush lounge bar in one of the leading heritage hotels in Jaipur, head straight to our Esko Bar.

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